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Child of Mine, Know This

Midwest Book Review

Small Press Bookwatch, July 2006

Child Of Mine, Know This by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton is an inspiring collection of insights into the physical and spiritual aspects of a child with perspective and appreciation for their lives and their families. Providing children with concepts regarding the eternal nature of their soul and the ageless beauty by which they are naturally granted as reflections of God, Child Of Mine, Know This…offers parents and children an invaluable and inspiring lesson of intimacy, unconditioned love, and the true meaning of parenthood. An ideal picturebook for bedtime child/parent bonding, Child Of Mine, Know This is very highly recommended for all parents and their young children for its timeless perspective promoting a spiritual and healthy appreciation for life.

Mystic Pop magazine

July/August 2006 

Kids of Spirit – Products and Tools Inspired for Children 

Whitecotton blends beautiful photos with expressions of love to capture the true meaning of love for your children. This is a great gift  to all children, no matter what age. She offers an original way of understanding between parent and child. A delight to your heart, Whitecotton has given this gift to the planet. As a grandparent, I loved this book and know I will spend many hours reading it with my granddaughter. 

“Children and all who care for them will benefit by sharing the light, inspired words of this delightful gem.”

Book Review in Contact Newsletter

A Wonderful Book for Children and Parents 

Reviewed by Marygrace Sidovar Sorensen 

Contact, newsletter of the Association of Unity Churches International (

October/November 2006


Child of Mine, Know This is a wonderful picture book conveying to children of all ages the blessed, unique gift they are to the world by sharing many of the spiritual secrets of life. The photos are engaging with wonderful contrast and colors focusing on children and their caregivers. It talks about choosing our families and touches on reincarnation by referring to being together before. It speaks about the body the child has chosen for this lifetime and how it starts out small, but that in God’s eyes their small bodies are the same as an adult’s. It illustrates that at a soul level we are the same. The text encourages the reader as a parent to make promises to love and care for their children by assisting them in becoming the best spiritual beings they can be by journeying together as a family. It also speaks of the promises the child made to the parents before it was born and of the gifts and treasures they will bring into their lives. “You promised to show me the meaning of unconditional love by allowing me to love you.” Imparting equality with children in the eyes of God, as spiritual beings and our oneness, this is a wonderful book for parents and children with an unusual design. The photographs in the book can easily be covered by your own photos of your children by taping them directly onto the pages. While the majority of the photographs are standard-sized snapshots, some readers may not have 2”x3” or 5”x7” photos handy to tape into the book. I love the book’s simple sharing of deep truths I want to share with my child. But more importantly, the children I shared it with enjoyed the book, too, and they wanted to see their pictures taped in it as well. I believe children and all who care for them will benefit by sharing the light, inspired words of this delightful gem.

Island Family Magazine

May 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii

A special book by an author with Hawaii ties will debut on May 14, 2006, and will make a wonderful book for moms any time of the year. Author Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton wrote the book while living in Pearl City, so many of the photos in the book are of local families, which gives the book extra meaning for Hawaii families.

This book will bring tears to your eyes and create memories for your children that will last a lifetime. It celebrates and honors the beauty and spiritual heritae of every human being, whether parent or child. Child of Mine, Know This contains a very special heartfelt message specially written and designed to help parents remind their children how and why they love them. The book’s innovative design allows you to make the message totally yours in a personal, gentle and beautiful way. The author intends for the reader to replace the photos in the book with their own family photos, so each page is designed with a photo of standard size that can be replaced with your own heirloom photographs. newsletter

Rebecca Whitecotton has created a whole new concept in children’s books with an inspirational message that a parent can deliver in a uniquely personalized way with pictures of their own child and family. The inspirational message is stunningly illustrated with exquisite photographs that can stand alone or be easily replaced with your own photographs. The esteem-building power of this concept is immense when a child recognizes his or her own face in a book filled with love and blessings. 

Unique book perfect for Mother’s Day

By Julie Stickel, Rome Observer, Rome, New York, May 2006

With it’s release set for Mother’s Day, May 14, “Child of Mine, Know This” is a heartfelt book that touches upon the human spirit in children and their parents.

The journey to grow and be understood is captured through Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton’s large hardcover book that includes many photos to compliment her choice of words.

“Child of Mine, Know This” has been designed for easy personalization.

Photos throughout the book have been printed as standard sized 5×7, 4×6, 3.5×5 or 2×3. To personalize this treasurable book, you can tape your own photos over the already existing photos.

This feature is incredibly convenient for those of you who enjoy scrapbooking but don’t always have the time. This book provides an easy yet emotional way to express your feelings and connect with the reader through your own photos.

With its inspirational messages encouraging children to be comfortable with who they are, the unconditional love that parents have for their children, and the option to personalize, this book is truly unique.

One of the many inspirational and heartfelt messages within the book reads,

“You are not a child in the eyes of the universe, in the arms of God, in the heart of all that is . . . I look at you with love . . . I know who you are. You are a beautiful blessing to the world.”

When asked what she hopes children will get from this book, Whitecotton answered, “I hope that kids everywhere read this book and say, ‘Wow, my parents actually do understand who I am. Maybe I can stop hiding my true self and let it shine.’”

Whitecotton has dedicated this book to her two children, Ethan and Alison who have long been the inspiration for her to write children’s books. As well as being a mom she is also a writer, editor and graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in sociology of religion from the University of New Mexico.

Ex-Peorian’s book provides spiritual guidance to children

By Michael Miller 

Peoria Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois

May 14, 2006

A former Peorian has published a book about the parent-child relationship that parents and children can make their own.

“Child of Mine, Know This” by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton, Peoria High School’s valedictorian of the class of 1982, who now lives in Leavenworth, Kan., is designed so people can tape their own family’s photographs over the photos that are already in the book.

The $15.95 hardcover book features Whitecotton’s reflections of a metaphysical bent originally written for her own children, Ethan, now 9, and Alison, 7. It leans heavily on such ideas as the pre-existence of souls and reincarnation, with such thoughts as “You are a wise and ancient soul who has come to this earth yet another time to shine your light on all humanity,” “You chose your life. You chose this family. You chose to be with me,” and “In other lifetimes you may have been my parent and I may have been your child . . . I am connected to you eternally.”

“I kind of wanted a way to tell them that I knew  they were a lot bigger than their bodies were,” she said. “I wanted them to know that even though their bodies are small and they don’t really know everything about life, that I knew their spirits were big and I knew they were wise and full of light.”

She knows that, she said, “because you can feel it.”

Whitecotton, now 41, is a member of the Association of Unity Churches, which draws its beliefs from several religious traditions. Her book is being sold as a fundraiser by the youth group of Unity Church of Peoria starting today.

She attended the church at 3117 N. Avalon herself when she returned to Peoria in 2001-2002 while her husband, Randy, an Air Force officer, was on a remote assignment in Honduras. Her parents, Gene and Marcie Gittrich, still live in Peoria.

Whitecotton said she has found the book’s appeal is wider than she expected.

“Parents and especially grandparents have really just loved the book,” she said. “One of the reasons they love it is because it’s a message that really comes from the heart.”

Since serving a reporting internship at the Journal Star in 1985 and graduating from Northwestern University, Whitecotton has done free-lance writing and marketing as well as public relations work. The book is published by Bright Treasures, created by Whitecotton when she was able to find few companies publishing spirituality books for children.

Child of Mine, Know This

by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton

$15.95, 32-page hardcover from Bright Treasures, ISBN: 9780972545013

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Five Stars on Amazon

A MASTERPIECE in the style of “Guess how much I love you?”

Beautiful respectful spiritual children’s book

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