Child of Mine, Know This

By Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton

Take a closer, spiritual look at family relationships in this loving message from parent to child that Neale Donald Walsch called “the single most imaginative children’s book to come along in ages.” 

Child of Mine, Know This is a loving message reminding children of all ages that their physical bodies are just a small part of who they are. It’s an inspirational message for parents who believe their children’s beautiful spirits are thousands of years old and wiser than we can imagine. When parents and children look at each other through spiritual eyes, they see past the illusion of separateness and enter into the unconditional love of Spirit. 


A hallmark book in an age of emerging global consciousness. 

— Light of consciousness Magazine

Santa’s Greatest Gift

By Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton

Rumors are flying that Santa is not real, and that he takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. In Santa’s Greatest Gift, Santa responds to these accusations, revealing his true identity and shedding light on the true identity of every soul on earth.

Available as free ebook or downloadable pdf. 

This reassuring letter from Santa guides the child in all of us through the rumors of falsehood to the amazing discovery that Santa is real and living as the Giving Spirit in everyone who plays the role of Santa. But Santa’s greatest gift is the knowledge that the Spirit of God that lived and was made perfect in Jesus is also alive inside each person as the Christ Spirit. The honoring of the Christ Child in each girl and boy is, in fact, the reason that Santa has been bringing gifts each year, just as the wise men brought gifts for the Christ Child on that first Christmas day.

It is Santa’s hope that the peace of Christmas will be found through the recognition of the Giving Spirit and the Christ Spirit inside ourselves and everyone we meet.


I really enjoyed this book. I could not have put the giving spirit in better words. I can’t wait to share this with kids when they get older. Great explanation of Santa Claus!!!

— PurpleKnight, iBooks reviewer

About The Publisher

Bright Treasures

Bright Treasures is a publisher of metaphysical and spiritual books for children. Since metaphysical means “beyond the physical,” the books published by Bright Treasures are intended to inspire both children and adults to explore what cannot be seen and discover the hidden treasures within themselves and the world around them.

Bright Treasures was started in 2006 by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton, author of Child of Mine, Know This, after she found few companies publishing children’s books in the area of spirituality and metaphysics. Although there are currently only two titles, Rebecca has many other children’s stories just waiting to find their way to young readers.  

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