Book Cover - Pull Your Self Together

Pull Your Self Together

By Rebecca Whitecotton

Imagine that you could interact with alternate versions of yourself and find out what happened on the road not taken. While on a healing journey to resolve painful memories and rekindle her spiritual connection, Rebecca realizes she can reach into parallel worlds and pull her alternate selves together into a team that experiences every possibility life has to offer. Together, they discover the multidimensional wholeness of the Higher Self, connect more fully with spirit, and create a new way of looking at life’s choices. 

Part memoir and part transformational guide, Pull Your Self Together merges an inspiring, heartfelt story with steps you can take to explore your parallel worlds. In the multiverse theory of quantum physics, each choice you make creates alternate realities. What if the choice to read this book is one of those reality-creating decisions?

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Workshops and Events

Want to dive into the concepts in Pull Your Self Together? Rebecca’s online workshops include meditations, journaling, discussion and a deeper exploration of the possibilities of dimensional wholeness. Check out the event page for upcoming dates.

Pull Your Self Together Workshop

This book brought me to tears, made me feel seen, and taught me a new depth of compassion – for others and myself.

Pull Your Self Together is extremely accessible and yet wildly esoteric. The author makes you feel like you are sitting in a room with her, sipping a comforting cup of tea, as she opens her heart, soul, and spirit to bless you with her story. As that tale unfolds, a new understanding of existence is revealed, and as with many great concepts, once you grasp it, you think, “Well, of course! Why didn’t I see that all along?” Days after reading this book, I still feel like I am in the grips of an epiphany – one that will inform how I move through the world and make choices for the rest of my life.

Although the ideas explored are abstract and expansive, they also provide a framework for taking practical steps to live in a more loving, connected, forgiving, and joyful way. And there’s a workbook section to help you explore dimensional wholeness for yourself, with guided meditations, journal prompts, and songs to provide the stepping stones you can use to forge your own path. Do all of your selves a favor and read this book!

Ellen Landsburg Monsees

Grief Recovery Specialist, Author, Lost and Found: Finding A Joyful Life After Loss

Quote from author Jackie Woodside

We live in many realities, even in our everyday existence. We might have a work-life where our behaviors, attitudes, and interactions differ in significant ways from our family life or our social life or our spiritual life. These “realities” intersect, but there is also distinctiveness and originality in each of our lived worlds. Imagine then, the extension of this analogy into the broader presence of our being in multiple universes where we act, react, and interact in alternate realities—true to our essence and in a sustained reality that is faithful to our true self but unconstrained by limitations of space, time, and possibility. This is the realm of a quantum existence—nonrational, true, and infinitely expansive.

The expansiveness of the new sciences has exposed us to the factual consideration of the mysteries of the universe and human consciousness. More and more, we can conceive of spirituality and science as fellow travelers in the exploration of the meaning of existence by confronting the mysteries that have engaged civilization from ancient indigenous cultures to today’s quantum physicists. The questions raised by these disparate groups seem to lead to remarkably similar inquiries.

Rebecca’s disclosure of her journey with these different realities is breathtaking. Her suffering took her into exploring the depths of her soul and existence. Pull Your Self Together is filled with stories, songs, journal entries, and messages from her spiritual guides. Her journeys interface and weave together as she authentically expresses her life to her readers. The strategies and practices she shares can lead to higher enlightenment and bring forth a future that already exists and is waiting to be realized.

The outcome is one of hope, trust, and respect for the complex mysteries of life.

Jan Engels-Smith

MEd, ShD, LPC, Founder of LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine and LightSong Healing Center. Author of Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine and Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart

Rebecca Whitecotton’s new tome reminds each of us to trust the unexpected, including our life purpose when the unknown becomes known. Follow the revelationary journey of this new book to ask yourself what elements of your life were intended, though you may have thought otherwise along the way. When we are courageous and honor the highly uncanny circumstances in life, then, and only then, do we KNOW who we truly are as a Soul and in life today. Allow Ms. Whitecotton’s awesome book to inspire you.

Dr. Linda Backman

Psychologist/Regression Therapist, Author of Bringing Your Soul to Light; The Evolving Soul; and Souls on Earth

In her bold, intelligent, and endlessly curious style, Rebecca Whitecotton takes us on a much-needed exploration of the multi-dimensional self, one that provides us with new and challenging knowledge and with the very personal story of one woman who lived a profound expression of that knowledge. Such information provides the explorer new and unexpected resources with which to meet the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of life. We owe Rebecca much gratitude for persisting in her search despite many obstacles, including self-doubt and understandable fear.

Dr. Joe Mancini, Jr.

Ph.D., CCHt., Author, The Present Power of Past Lives: The Experts Speak; Ending the Endless Conflict: Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions to the Civil War; and the forthcoming Illuminating Your Multidimensional Soul: Healing Through Communicating with Your Past, Future, Parallel, and Counterpart Selves.