Pull Your Self Together

Step Into A World of Interdimensional Adventure

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Pull Your Self Together:
A True Story of Alternate Realities, Spiritual Healing, and Dimensional Wholeness

By Rebecca Whitecotton

Are you open to the possibility that you could connect with alternate versions of youself and find out what happened on the road not taken?

Are you ready to experience a new dimension of wholeness that will change how you love yourself?

Step into a world of interdimensional adventure, where Rebecca Whitecotton unexpectedly discovers that she can reach into parallel worlds and interact with other versions of herself, creating the space for them to live consciously as one being, whole. When we meet Rebecca, she has thrown her spirit away because of a spiritual heartbreak whose memories only cause her pain. Once she realizes she abandoned the most important part of herself, she mounts a rescue mission that takes her to the depths, and reveals her true mission: to harness the healing power of dimensional wholeness.

Part storytelling and part transformational guide, Pull Your Self Together merges an inspiring, heartfelt story with steps you can take to explore the possibilities of your own parallel worlds.

In the multiverse theory of quantum physics, each choice you make creates alternate realities. What if the choice to read this book is one of those reality-creating choices? One of your selves will read this and find out that you can pull all of the other selves together into one, into a new level of dimensional wholeness.

Are you going to be the one to pull yourself together?

About Rebecca Whitecotton

Award-winning children’s book author Rebecca Whitecotton adds dimensional traveler to her list of titles, which also include reporter, editor, graphic designer, and marketing coordinator. This soul-searching inquiry into what it means to be whole follows Child of Mine, Know This, hailed by Neale Donald Walsch as “the single most imaginative children’s book to come along in ages,” and called “A hallmark book in an age of emerging global consciousness” by Light of Consciousness magazine.