Events and Appearances

Did you miss the book launch party? Watch it here!

Hosted by Lisa Colburn from Market Street Writers on February 22, this celebration included a conversation with Rebecca, excerpts from Pull Your Self Together, comments from early readers, and some great questions.

And if that’s not enough, Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer from Where The Light Gets In performed two amazing songs — Insignificant Somethings, and No Mud No Lotus — that highlight the themes of Pull Your Self Together.

Upcoming Events

Pull Your Self Together Workshop

Discover Spiritual Healing
in the Multiverse

This online workshop will be offered soon. Sign up for the email newsletter below to be notified when new dates become available. 


Join Rebecca Whitecotton to explore the possibility that each choice you make creates an alternate version of you that experiences the road you did not travel. Would you look at your life differently if you knew another version of you experienced what you regret not doing? What if you could connect with those other selves and support each other as together you experience the whole of what it means to be alive?

This participatory workshop will explore ideas found in Rebecca’s new book, Pull Your Self Together: A True Story of Alternate Realities, Spiritual Healing, and Dimensional Wholeness.

This three-hour workshop will include activities, music, and meditation that will help each participant…

  • Understand the multiverse and how parallel realities are a scientifically-accepted possibility.
  • Dive into past regrets enough to remember who you were when you made the decision.
  • Use meditation to connect with an alternate version of yourself.
  • Set up an etheric meeting place for your alternate selves so you can support each other in dimensional wholeness.
  • Explore the idea that from a fifth-dimensional perspective; you are not whole without all these different versions of you who have experienced different paths.